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Peter Bloedel’s performances are a fantastic blend of physical coordination, mystery, comedy, mentalism, psychology, and downright magic trickery. Bloedel’s show dazzles the eyes with astonishing feats of balance and juggling, and baffles the mind with mystifying demonstrations of mind-reading, magic, and mentalism.

Audiences don’t just watch the Perpetual Variety Show, they experience collaborative entertainment, as many audience members become active participants in the show itself. This makes Peter Bloedel’s Perpetual Variety Show perfect for corporate gatherings, post-prom parties, reunions, children’s events, and any occasion where laughs, astonishment, and fun are the name of the game.



Peter Bloedel has been entertaining professionally for over twenty years. He is a charismatic “vaudeville” entertainer with a flair for working audience members into his show. His show (a mix of magic, mentalism, juggling, music, jokes, and physical comedy) has very broad appeal and is enjoyed by both young and old. Bloedel does sleight of hand, reads minds, spins things, balances things, balances on things, plays guitar, mandolin, or banjo, juggles all manner of items, and…

“Wait a second! Is that a chainsaw?” You’ll have to come to Peter Bloedel’s Perpetual Variety Show to find out.



Peter Bloedel is an accomplished mandolin and guitar picker and is one of the founding members of the eclectic folk band The Divers.



Peter is an accomplished playwright with a number of published works. Check them out at Playscripts.com.


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heypete@blc.edu (507)327-0725

Peter's show is perfect for corporate gatherings, post-prom parties, children's events, or just about anywhere you need fun and entertainment!


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